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The Llano Colony As I See It
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From Llano, California to Newllano, Louisiana

December 1917


In December 1917, two groups of colonists from Llano del Rio made the trip to Stables, Louisiana (later Newllano) from the Antelope Valley in California.

Traveling from the Mojave Desert to the sultry fecundity of western Louisiana involved more than just the physically demanding trip. It also required adjusting to new methods of production and a new political climate.

"A Trip Over the Llano"
Read Doc Williams' description of the California location as he drives over many of the sites. From the Western Comrade, June-July 1916

Visit artist Karyl Newman's ON ALL Day digital exhibit and driving tour of the original California colony to understand what life was like for the earliest colonists.

Advertisement from the Western Democrat for Llano, California Advertisement from the Western Democrat for Newllano, Louisiana

"Louisiana-ing un-de Luxe" by Robert K. Williams
Tells the story of some of the colonists who chose to make the journey from California's Antelope Valley to the Highlands of Western Louisiana in cars. Taken from the Western Comrade, December 1917-January 1918

"Llano in Louisiana"
Describes what the colonists found when they arrived in Louisiana. Taken from the Western Comrade, December 1917-January 1918

"Highlands for Health"
Story from The Internationalist (previously the Western Comrade), May 1918 which promotes the new colony location in the highlands of western Louisiana. Also, Impressions of the Colony by a Northerner

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