Museum the New Llano Colony

Joe Winegar

Birth: He was born around 1870 in New York.  

Description: In April 1934 he was described as "soft-faced" though while burning stumps he became "twisted by belched thunderclouds of soot into a vinegary old devil."  

Pre-Colony History:  

Family Information:  

Job in Colony: In April 1934 he was burning out pitch pine stumps, leaning on his rake. In 1936 he was repairing fences in the "park 40".  

Home in Colony: In 1935 he was living inside the Newllano Colony.  

Other Info: Rode with Miss Cuno and Mrs. Shutt in the Buick car, recently near donated to the colony by Dr. Irwin and driven by George Jensen, out to view the chicken ranch which they thought looked fine, even though Mr. and Mrs. Archer were not at home.

Enjoyed a hilarious wood-cutting party in Mrs. Shutt's yard, where he helped Charles Derleth and Rosebud Cuno work up a sizable amount of fuel that was shared by a neighbor and a good time was had by all.

Took an iron wheel to blacksmith Larsen who produced a good, strong wheelbarrow that allowed Winegar to "tote" firewood (gathered from the "park 40" and other places) to the library and needy people.  

Post-Colony History: In 1940 he was living alone in a home in the unincorporated New Llano, Louisiana (site of the old colony).  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": April 28, 1934, February 29, 1936; US Census: 1940