Museum the New Llano Colony

Mary Erma Wilson



Pre-Colony History: She arrived on an afternoon train in January 1928 from Indiana.  

Family Information: Sister of Alma (Wilson) Bell.  

Job in Colony: After her arrival at the colony she visited the Kid Kolony and moved no further, intending to work with the kindergarten children and also teach music to the older ones who desired it. In 1929 she was the director of the voice and piano department.

In April 1928 she was teaching piano classes to several boys and girls in the colony. The members of the Boys' Harmonica Club had had six weeks of classes and included Carl Besse, Roslyn Armacost, Robert Roe, Charles Wichmann, Kenneth Thurman, Isom Shoemaker, Roy Swenson, Fred and Roscoe Busick.

The Girls' Melody Way Club had had twelve weeks of classes and included Hope and Ruth Shoemaker, Beatrice Jensen, Lynn Rogers, Rhea Mae Baldwin, Irene Hewitt, Vivian and Iris Busick, Mary and Myrtle Gregerson.  

Home in Colony:  

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Post-Colony History:  


Sources: Llano Colonist: January 21, 1928, April 14, 1928; "Vernon Parish Democrat": February 28, 1929  

Photo is labeled: College Group: (Back Row) Pete Harmon, John ?, Mrs. Garrett, Dad Gleeser, Mrs. Dougherty (Front Row) Mr. Stocking, Mr. Black, Mrs. Busick, Miss Wilson (Two of the men in front are not identified)