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Dr. Cecil Williams

Birth: She was born around 1873 in Pennsylvania.  


Pre-Colony History: She had worked as a movie actress at Balboa Studios in her younger days, during Fatty Arbuckle's great days there.

In 1910, she and her husband were living on San Pablo Ave. in Fresno, California with him employed as telegrapher for the Associated Press.

They joined the colony during the California years and made the move to Louisiana with the original group. They were still in the area in 1919, but left at some point before 1922. They lived in California for years -- in 1930, he and Cecil were living on Colden Ave. in Los Angeles, CA with both working as chiropractors and having Alice C. Austin as their lodger.  

Family Information: Married to Dr. Robert K. "Doc" Williams.


Job in Colony: She was a teacher at the Kid Kolony. She also had a small clinic upstairs at the Kid Kolony for examining the children whenever there was the slightest sign of sickness.

In July 1933 she was working in the Kid Kolony gardens with Ware, Mrs. Potter, Mrs. Van Nuland and Chrystal Schutz.

Dr. Cecil Williams 

Home in Colony: In Louisiana, she and her husband lived in an upstairs apartment at the Kid Kolony.  

Other Info: In March 1934 Mr. Lewis, Dr. Cecil and Mrs. Fay took the first graders including: Joan Wooley, Opal Ogden, Violet Quipp, Blair Pickett, Roy Peecher, Martha Mahler and Martha Lentz to Leesville to give a demonstration of their singing to an audience that included around twenty-five Leesville teachers plus Superintendent Honeycotte.

Each child stood and introduced themselves as they did each morning, with name, address and rule. For example: My name is ...; I live in Newllano (Noo-yah-no); Vernon Parish, Louisiana, on Highway 171; My rule is the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Mrs. Harlow-Fay then demonstrated her method of teaching with the children.

In April 1934 a lovely gathering was held at the home of Frank Brough, another New Englander, to "God-speed" the Fay family to Norfolk, Connecticut where they hoped to arrange their affairs over the next few months and return to the colony in the fall.

Attendees enjoyed music, games and a wonderful lunch. They included: Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Archer, Drs. Robert K. and Cecil C. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. George Matz, Mrs. Maki, Smith Sanford, DeForest Sanford, George Leevey, Wm. Bingham, Dennis Stanley, Forest R. Waters, Mary Emery and the Brough family, consisting of Margaret, William and Frank.  

Post-Colony History:  


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Left: Advertisement for Marinello Shop from "Vernon Parish Democrat", June 7, 1919

Center: Dr. Cecil Williams

Right: Drs. Robert K. and Cecil Williams Golden Wedding Anniversary

"Dr. Cecil" and "Doc" Williams on their 50th wedding anniversary in Leesville