Museum the New Llano Colony

Ernest G. Webb



Pre-Colony History:  

Family Information:  

Job in Colony: Wrote a column for the "Colonist" titled "Health Department." 

Home in Colony:  

Other Info: Along with Dr. J.P. Kimmel, oversaw the building of the colony "sunbath" or solarium which was simply a roofless platform four feet or so above the ground, with canvas walls stretched around it on the outside. Exposing patients to the violet rays of "Old Sol" was considered a useful treatment for many ills.

In 1931, he wrote to the Department of Agriculture, at Comrade Slaughter's request, to ask how to get the bitter taste out of their colony-grown tobacco, but the answer was not practical for the colony -- the suggestion was to keep the tobacco for two to three years before smoking. 

Post-Colony History: In August 1932 colonists signed a protest against colonists Webb and Walter Groth remaining in the colony "to save them".  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": November 7, 1931, April 16, 1932, May 14, 1932, August 6, 1932