Museum the New Llano Colony

Rezin E. Waters (Alternate spelling Resin)

Birth: He was born around 1862 in West Virginia.  

Description: During the many years he and his wife were members of the colony, he was an indefatigable worker, much of the time tending all the fencing and he always had a very fine garden. He was a very good conscientious worker, in fact he worked up to the day when he was sent to the hospital.  

Pre-Colony History: He and his wife came to the colony about 1925.  

Family Information: Husband of Rachel Waters - at the time of her death in 1936 they'd been married 45 years. They had no children.  

Job in Colony: In June 1928 Tom and Alex Davidson, Hough, Waters, McClurg, Dougherty, Rosenburg, Mardfin, Weislander and Harold Kemp were working hard to make up for time lost to rainy days.

In 1930 he was listed as a farmer for the colony.

In September 1931 he was working on the farm -- at that point taking care of the late cow peas -- along with Quipp, Bartram, Grover, Jernberg, McClurg, Harry Morgan, Luther Mackentyre, Robert Roe, Fred Busick, Ogden and "Dad" Stevens.  

Home in Colony:  

Other Info: After his wife's first stroke several years before her death left her almost helpless, he cared for her (though somewhat incapacitated himself) with the assistance of Anna Tabb.

After his wife's death, blacksmith O.H. Larsen moved in with him, hoping to ease his loneliness.  

Post-Colony History:  

Death: He died in January 1937 in Shreveport, LA. His remains were brought home by trucker Glen Burnes and burial was held in the Llano Cemetery.  

Sources: US Census: 1930; "Llano Colonist": June 30, 1928, September 5, 1931, February 15, 1936, January 30, 1937