Museum the New Llano Colony

Robert Burdette "Bob" Snyder

Birth: He was born at Watsonville, Pennsylvania in 1884.  

Description: He was passionately fond of music and contributed very much to the joy and happiness of the community. He loved harmony -- harmony of people as well as of music; he loved children; and he was never heard to have spoken an ill word against any person in the colony or out of it.  

Pre-Colony History: He began following the colony in 1915; first visited in 1921; and finally came to stay during the last four years of his life.  

Family Information:  

Job in Colony: Bob served as the colony bookkeeper, treasurer, postmaster and leader of the orchestra.  

Home in Colony:  

Other Info: In 1927 he spoke to the Open Forum about the California colony.

In May 1928 two visiting musicians -- W.L. Ferris and O.L. Owens of Leesville -- collaborated with the colony orchestra which consisted of: Robert Snyder, leader; George T. Pickett, Roedemeister, Ben Roe, Raymond Faussel, Joseph Gaddis, Louise Gaddis, Billy DeBoer, C.C. Mickey, Peter Borg, Max Beavers, Warren Fread, Guy Rogers, Florence Roe and Anna Besse, pianiste.

Preparing for the May Day's entertainment in 1928 Anna Besse was presiding at the piano, accompanied by Peter Borg on the violin while Comrade Condon was practicing his song. Other performers were Kenneth Thurman and Comrade Tefteller. Also the orchestra under Bob Snyder, Mrs. Hewitt and Mrs. Busick.  

Post-Colony History:  

Death: Having tire trouble on a late-night return trip to Newllano, he pulled over on the Jefferson highway near Baton Rouge. While he was working to repair his car, someone hit him, killing Bob and breaking his own neck.

He died in 1929, at age 45. His funeral service was held in colony dining room and he was interred in the colony cemetery.  

Sources: "Llano Colonist": October 29, 1927, May 19, 1928, May 26, 1928, June 1, 1929