Museum the New Llano Colony

Emma Ridgway

Birth: Born around 1863 in Illinois.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1900 she and her husband were living with their children in Missouri, along with one servant. In 1910 they were still living in Missouri with their children.

In 1920 they were living in Oklahoma with their widowed daughter, Alice Denney, and her two children and all were unemployed.

She and her husband arrived in the colony in April 1930.  

Family Information: Married to Richard "Rollie" Ridgeway.

Mother of Ida, India, Alice and Lelah Ridgeway.

Aunt of Alta Needham.  

Job in Colony: Worked in the colony quilting room.  

Home in Colony:  

Other Info: She and her husband, along with Rex K. Dell and Charles Eldred were huddled in their hotel room over some Townsend plans in late 1935.

At the time of her husband's death in 1937 the Ridgway's had been associated with the Baptist denomination for some years.  

Post-Colony History: After her husband's funeral in 1937, she expected to return to Missouri with those of her children who came to the colony for his funeral, to make her home among them.  

Death: She died in 1947 at Waynesville, Missouri and was buried in the Ava Cemetery at Ava, Missouri.  

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