Museum the New Llano Colony

"Doc" Rand



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Job in Colony: In 1932 he was working in the machine shop where he and Harry Layer had realized that one of the things slowing up the machine shop was preparing steel and iron in the proper length for the various things to be fabricated. While working in the shop, he and Milton Maki had re-made, "from a perfect wreck, salvaged from something that seemed to be completely useless", an air compressor capable of running the air pressure up to 125 pounds and then automatically starting when run down to 100. They also repaired an engine, bought by Septer Baldwin for $5. It was taken to the machine shop where Milton and Doc got busy and soon a perfectly new engine was ready to go to work that couldn't have been bought for $1,000.  

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Sources: "Llano Colonist": March 19, 1932, March 26, 1932