Museum the New Llano Colony

Doris Pincus



Pre-Colony History:  

Family Information: Sister of Pauline and Jean Pincus.  

Job in Colony:  

Home in Colony:  

Other Info: Sailed with her sister Pauline from New York City to New Orleans on the SS Momus in 1924 when they were eleven and thirteen years old. Their older sister, Jean, hitchhiked from NYC and arrived nine months after the two younger girls.


Post-Colony History:  


Sources: Family Source: Jean L. Konzal  

Center: Front -- Thelma Miller (13); Second Row -- Pauline Pincus (12), Helen Robinson (11), Evelina Gunther (12); Third Row -- Loretta Dodds (10), Elva Miller (13), Doris Pincus (14), Beatrice Jensen (13), Laura Synoground (12)

Right: "Three Kickers" -- Pincus sisters September 1924.