Museum the New Llano Colony

 Joe Olberg


Description: In 1937, Mr. Atworth, Rex K. Dell and Olberg visited the Kapotsy home in Leesville for a musical evening. Another attendee stated "You wouldn't think by looking at him that Joe Olberg could dance a jig!"  

Pre-Colony History:  

Family Information:


Job in Colony:  

Home in Colony: Prior to November 1930 he purchased forty acres from the colony located 2 1/2 miles SW of the town. In November 1930, the colony carpenters erected his home and a barn on the property.  

Other Info: He created metal sculptures.

In January 1931 and December 1932, Olberg ran paid advertisements in the Llano Colonist for co-operators who wanted "to join an independent self-supporting colony where real co-operation and the Golden Rule is practiced.

He promised to respond to each inquiry with a printed leaflet. According to Llano Colonist writers, this leaflet promoted "Down with Pickett and Pickettism!", "Please do your utmost for our assistance and the GOOD OF LLANO - YOUR LLANO!"

Apparently not one to miss a party, in May 1937 Joe attended a birthday party at the New Hotel. "Every part of the hotel was equally the seat of the party, for the guests made themselves at home at every part of the hotel -- strolling along the porches, playing on the grass in the patio, sitting on benches chatting pleasantly." 

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: Photo Archives; "Llano Colonist" November 15, 1930, January 10, 1931, December 31, 1932, February 13, 1937, May 1, 1937 

Left: Clipping from the "Llano Colonist" 1931-1932.

Right: Joe Olberg with some of his metal work.