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Gertrude "Gertie" (West) Newman

Birth: She was born around 1906 in Louisiana.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1920 she was living in Jennings, Louisiana with her parents, many siblings, her maternal grandmother (Hannah Beals) and 9-year old cousin, Ellwood Beals Hoffpauir -- her father was a dealer of farm instruments and the step-son of Ida Pickett West Bell.  

Family Information: Grand-daughter of Ida (West) Bell and cousin of Elwood B. Hoffpauir.

She married Frank Newman while living in the colony. Mother of Norma Newman.


Job in Colony:  

Home in Colony:  

Other Info: In April 1922 Harry Bell, Jr. did a sketch assisted by the Misses Louise Belorahdsky, Gertrude West, Rosa Matz and Maxine Gaddis and Comrades Frank Newman and Bill Beavers. "It was a one-act melodrama, and a scream indeed. Harry sang: "They all go wild over me" -- but that [wa]s just his conceit. He [wa]s not the only pebble on the beach. There [we]re others."

In June 1922 she returned to the colony from a trip, brought by C.C. West, his wife, and daughter. With her was her cousin, Elwood Hoffpauir, now 11 years of age, who would also make his home at the colony.


Post-Colony History: In August 1931 she came from Jennings, Louisiana for a visit (she and her husband had left the colony several years prior to that date). She planned to catch a ride home with Beulah Gaddis, who was also visiting friends in the colony, when she resumed her trip to see the Gulf of Mexico.  


Sources: Photo Archives; US Census: 1920; Llano Colonist: April 22, 1922, June 3, 1922, August 15, 1931  

Left: (Top) Ida (West) and Harry Bell; (Bottom) Gertrude (West) and Frank Newman.

Center: Standing left - Walter Conlin; Sitting (L to R) Frank Newman holding daughter Norma, Gertrude (West) Newman and Earl Rowe.

Right: Gertrude Newman with unknown man.