Museum the New Llano Colony

Frank Newman




Pre-Colony History:  

Family Information: Son of Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Newman.

He married Gertrude (West) Newman while living in the colony. Father of Norma Newman.  

Job in Colony: In May 1922 he was, and had been, attached to the printing department for some time.  

Home in Colony: In 1922 a new house was constructed between the place the home of the Beavers family and the Conlin house. Being unmarried at the time, Frank lived there with his mother.  

Other Info: In April 1922 Harry Bell, Jr. did a sketch assisted by the Misses Louise Belorahdsky, Gertrude West, Rosa Matz and Maxine Gaddis and Comrades Frank Newman and Bill Beavers. "It was a one-act melodrama, and a scream indeed. Harry sang: "They all go wild over me" -- but that [wa]s just his conceit. He [wa]s not the only pebble on the beach. There [we]re others."


Post-Colony History:  

Death: Died in an accident in the oil fields near Los Angeles, California around 1929 or '30.  

Sources: Photo Archives; Llano Colonist: April 15, 1922, April 22, 1922, May 13, 1922, August 15, 1931  

Left: Gertrude and Frank Newman

Center: (Top) Ida (West) and Harry Bell; (Bottom) Gertrude (West) and Frank Newman.

Right:  Standing left - Walter Conlin; Sitting - Ginny Conlin, Frank Newman; Right standing - Earl Rowe; Front standing - Norma and doll (Big Lollie - she also had a small doll called Kinda Lollie).