Museum the New Llano Colony

Harry Morgan



Pre-Colony History:  

Family Information:  

Job in Colony: In September 1931 was working on the farm -- at that point taking care of the late cow peas -- along with Quipp, Bartram, Grover, Jernberg, McClurg, Ogden, Luther Mackentyre, Robert Roe, Fred Busick, Waters and "Dad" Stevens.

In December 1932 was listed as one of the Isle of Cuba (near Thibodeaux, LA) workers.

In 1934 was helping Jim Skinner prepare land for planting more potatoes (they had planted a ton the week prior) at the Gila location.

In 1936 he was in charge of the laundry and his helpers included Mrs. Clark, Katie Belle and Ila Goans, Mrs. Ribbing, Mrs. Ogden and Mrs. Swilley. Later that year he worked in the laundry with Mr. and Mrs. Cole and Mrs. Turner

Home in Colony: In December 1932 those living at the Isle of Cuba Plantation (near Thibodeaux, LA) included: Sam Hall, Harry Morgan, Henry and Bennie Frahm, Beldon Lewis, F. Gossett, John Horney, Roy McLean, Mrs. Swilley and Mr. and Mrs. Perkins with their four children.

By the end of the month, the group had added Mrs. Gossett, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shipman, Albert Wicks, Dolly McCullough, Jim Nash, Earl Swenson and Ranny Wells.

In January 1934 he was taken to the Gila location by George Pickett, along with Mrs. Van Nuland and Wayne and Carl Mahler.  

Other Info: In 1932, helped Frank Quipp, R.V. Shoemaker and Isom Shoemaker fill the silo at the dairy barn with corn, sorghum and peanut vines; Ward Shoemaker was inside the silo with a half dozen grade students, diligently tramping down the ensilage.

Just before Christmas 1932, Harry, Jimmie Nash and more went hunting at the Isle of Cuba unit, one of the greatest deer hunts that Terrebonne parish has ever experienced. Dogs chased, howled and barked, the guns spit fire from every corner of the plantation. Four of the biggest bucks ever seen in that part of the country were brought in.  

Post-Colony History: He married former colonist, Sena Swilley, probably around 1943.  


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