Museum the New Llano Colony

Myrtle (Kemp) Bradshaw

Birth: She was born in the USA around 1902.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1910 she was living in California with her parents.  

Family Information: Daughter of Peter and Dora Kemp; Sister of Jimmy, Nellie and Harold Kemp.

She married Carl Bradshaw while living in the colony and was the mother of Carolyn Bradshaw.


Job in Colony: At times she worked as a bookkeeper in the Colony office. In the 30's she worked in the printshop, doing circulation work for the "Democrat". Also, at times worked as a teacher at the Kid Kolony.

In 1932 she was much relieved when Mrs. Lewis started her job as chief of the Kid Kolony kitchen and dining hall. Myrtle expected to help Mrs. Lewis until the new kindergarten building could be completed and then she'd be taking charge of that group.

In 1934 she had charge of the industrial activities of the women so she scurried from the hotel to the print shop or sewing rooms, laundry or the office, co-ordinating the activities of the women.

She also, along with Mrs. Emery gathered the little tots together at the hotel dining room so Mrs. Mitchell, who drove the school bus, could pick them up for the trip to the Kid Kolony every morning. When canning or print shop activities weren't too pressing, Zelma DeFausell helped out, too.  

Home in Colony:  

Other Info: She was one of the members of the colony when George Pickett was first named General Manager in 1919 and still living with her parents in 1920, but now in the Newllano colony.

In November 1933 the weekly bridge club met at the new home of Mrs. Myrtle Bradshaw. Those present were Misses Ruth Shoemaker, Vivian Busick, Mary Lou Monk, Doris Layer, Rhea Baldwin, Lloyd Potter, Earl Swenson, Lionel Crossland, Roy McClean, John Dougherty and Fred Busick.

In April 1934 she, Professor Lewis and Mrs. Cora Potter performed a skit titled "Suppressed Desires", a by-play on fanatical devotion to Psychoanalysis.


Post-Colony History: Sometime prior to 1940, married Burrell Chapin and both she and daughter Caroline were living with him in Hidalgo, New Mexico where he was a welder at the Banner mine. She was working as a bookkeeper in a general office.  


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Top Left: Myrtle Bradshaw at work in the Printshop

Bottom Left: Carl and Myrtle Bradshaw

Center: "Horseback Riding" Myrtle, Vinita, Ruth and Kathy, Winter 1924

Right: At Gila, New Mexico - (Standing L to R) Harold Kemp (holding Carolyn Bradshaw), Bonnie (Mason) Kemp, Clyde and Hope (Shoemaker) Swenson, Chester and Helen (Hayes) Swenson and (Kneeling in front) Myrtle (Kemp) Bradshaw.