Museum the New Llano Colony

Emma Kapotsy



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Job in Colony: In April of 1922 she was part of a group of students who worked in the cafeteria -- shelling peanuts, setting tables, getting dinner together and washing dishes -- along with Albert Kapotsy, Alice Jaques, John Dougherty, Beulah Gaddis, Ruby Synoground, Laura Merrill, Laura Synoground, Margaret Seelye, Vinita Thurman, Nellie Kemp, Margaret Kapotsy and Dora Cryer.

She was also part of the group of students who worked in the garden along with Bennett Babb, Dover Cryer, Roscoe Busick, Fred Busick, Clifford Synoground, Harold Kemp, Dawson Cryer, Charles Lee, Brooks Merrel and Max Beavers.  

Home in Colony:  

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Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": April 22, 1922