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Clarence Fread

Birth: He was born around 1920 in California.  


Pre-Colony History:  

Family Information: Son of Walter and Ida May Fread; brother of Alberta, Warren and Lee Fread. Three other siblings never lived in the colony -- Ivan (who died in 1900 at the age of 2), Clara J., (who died in 1914 at the age of 7) and older brother Charles.  

Job in Colony:  

Home in Colony:  

Other Info: He was often part of the program at the theater in 1929.

In 1932 he played the violin in the newly organized Junior Orchestra which was being organized and taught by Fred Hamel.

In July 1934 Lloyd Potter took ten boys including Clarence, Sylvester Watson, Byron Busick, Billy Busick, Phillip Lentz, Joe Lentz, Jimmy Dix, Quentin Quipp, Kenneth Dean and Eugene Hewitt on a camping trip to Hadden's Ferry on the Sabine River. They swam for a while; borrowed the ferryman's rowboat and plowed up the river; ate fried potatoes and eggs, bread and jelly, and a fine icing cake. Come evening they set out trout lines and picked moss from the trees to make a bed. They played through the night, getting very little, if any, sleep.

He was also a member of the junior band organized in 1934; members included Joe (Lentz), Billy (possibly Busick or Ketchen), Byron (Busick), Ernest (could be Ogden or Joynes), Jimmy (Dix), Bill Quinton, Howard (Stansbury), Clarence, Jack (Lewis or Barnette), Sylvester (Watson) and Lenin Tabb.

Also in 1934 he was among many other colonists who attended Walter and Ida May Fread's 40th anniversary party which was held in the colony.


Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Vernon Parish Democrat": February 28, 1929; "Llano Colonist": December 10, 1932, April 15, 1933, July 7, 1934, July 21, 1934, September 22, 1934; US Census: 1930  

Left: Photo is labeled (spelled as labeled): "Grammar School - Clarence Fread, Myrtle Fread, Byrn Busick, Iris Busick, Vivian Busick, Reah Mae Baldwin, Lin Rogers, Mary Gregson, Helen Joe Dougherty, Warren Shoemaker, Myrtle Gregson".

Center: Clipping from the "Llano Colonist" dated April 15, 1933.

Right: Clarence and Warren Fread.