Museum the New Llano Colony

Ben Clark



Pre-Colony History: In 1935 he arrived in the colony from Cameron, Texas. His wife (daughter of Hattie Brown) and children had arrived several weeks before.  

Family Information: Married to Mrs. Ben Clark; father of Curtis and Ethel Clark.  

Job in Colony: In January 1936 the boilers "resumed operation" with A.M. Murray in charge, William Heath, Ben Clark and Rufus Murray firing; general assistant, Harry Ribbing.  

Home in Colony:  

Other Info: For Christmas 1935 Mrs. Turner, Sarah Murray and Opal Murray, with Ben Clark to do the nailing, decorated the hotel dining room "most beautifully" with quantities of holly, paper chains and mottoes.  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": December 7, 1935, January 4, 1936