Museum the New Llano Colony

William Bingham

Birth: Born in England about 1864; came to the US in 1884 and was naturalized.  


Pre-Colony History:  

Family Information:  

Job in Colony: Worked in the broom corn and twine shop and did upholstery for the colony. In 1935, the demand for both kept him busy. Neighbors brought in their broom corn and he made brooms for them on shares.

He was sometimes pressed into service to help sort peanut seed for a large order. 

Home in Colony: In 1930 was listed as a boarder with the Raymond De Fausell family.  

Other Info: Played the violin and in April 1934 was the leader of the orchestra.

In April 1934 a lovely gathering was held at the home of Frank Brough, another New Englander, to "God-speed" the Fay family to Norfolk, Connecticut where they hoped to arrange their affairs over the next few months and return to the colony in the fall.

Attendees enjoyed music, games and a wonderful lunch. They included: Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Archer, Drs. Robert K. and Cecil C. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. George Matz, Mrs. Maki, Smith Sanford, DeForest Sanford, George Leevey, Wm. Bingham, Dennis Stanley, Forest R. Waters, Mary Emery and the Brough family, consisting of Margaret, William and Frank.

After the May Day Revolution of 1935, signed a statement supporting John Szpila's letter, which had been published in the September 21, 1935 issue of the "Llano Colonist" and spelled out the reason's the overthrow of former General Manager, George T. Pickett, had been necessary.  

Post-Colony History:  


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