Museum the New Llano Colony

Max Beavers

Birth: Born in 1907 at Arkansas.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1910 he was living in Arkansas with his parents and brother.  

Family Information: Son of Cora and J.H. Beavers.

Brother of William Beavers.

He married Beulah (Gaddis) Beavers in August 1925 at the New Llano Colony.  

Job in Colony: In April of 1922 he was part of a group of students who worked in the garden along with Emma Kapotsy, Bennett Babb, Dover Cryer, Roscoe Busick, Fred Busick, Clifford Synoground, Harold Kemp, Dawson Cryer, Charles Lee and Brooks Merrel.

He and Clarence Shutt also went along to Longville to assist the colony electric department.  

Home in Colony:  

Other Info: In November 1927 he was part of a program composed chiefly of instrumental and vocal music by himself, Mesdames Louise Gaddis, Anna Besse and Ruby Nesnow and Messrs. Harry Nesnow, Mickey and Price.

In May 1928 two visiting musicians -- W.L. Ferris and O.L. Owens of Leesville -- collaborated with the colony orchestra which consisted of: Robert Snyder, leader; George T. Pickett, Roedemeister, Ben Roe, Raymond Faussel, Joseph Gaddis, Louise Gaddis, Billy DeBoer, C.C. Mickey, Peter Borg, Max Beavers, Warren Fread, Guy Rogers, Florence Roe and Anna Besse, pianiste.  

Post-Colony History: In 1930 he was living in Chicago with his brother Wm. J. Beavers' family, Clifford Synoground and his family, and Clarence Shutt while working as a mechanic at a radio manufacturing company.

In 1940 he was living in Illinois with his second wife, Rose, and their daughter while working as a letter carrier for the Post Office. The two divorced in 1954.  

Death: He died in 1984 at Putnam, Florida.  

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