Museum the New Llano Colony

Ethel Archer



Pre-Colony History: In December 1932 she and her husband had only recently arrived in the colony.  

Family Information: Wife of Sidney Archer.  

Job in Colony: She and her husband ran one of the chicken ranches. In 1937 it was reported that egg production was coming along very nicely. 

Home in Colony: She lived at Chicken Ranch Unit Number 2 with her husband -- in 1935 it was described thus: "west from the dairy, over the red clay road... [was] the bailiwick of our good friend, Sidney Archer. He was busy spading up the front garden and had about a dozen fig cuttings set out in business like fashion, from which new trees w[ould] be grown.

Archer's spring garden include[d]: mustard, radishes, turnips, beets, bermuda and multiplier onions. He also ha[d] some cabbage seed in. Further over [was] a nice patch of strawberries in bloom.

The poultry flock look[ed] fine and the production of eggs ha[d] increased... and incubation [was] to start soon. Mr. Crisp [was] taking over the brooders and the incubation work, and [was] enthusiastic over the poultry possibilities in Llano."

Before he left, the reporter "couldn't help noticing how the temperament of the Archers [was] revealed in their love of flowers. [He] remarked that there always seemed to be a "pull" to a place where flowers were to be seen. Said... the pianist: 'It is good to have something about that one can't eat. It's food for the soul.'"  

Other Info: Ethel often performed at the theater -- usually every week. She sometimes played on the washboard with mallets.

In January 1933 Doc Williams was planning a Gypsy Program for the theater; Sidney and Ethel were helping him work it out "while the fiddles and etycetery were plinging and a plunking at the roof garden." Lloyd Potter, Gordon Pickett and Margaret (sic) and Jasmine Lewis were practicing the steps for Mrs. Archer's act.

In 1934 she and Mrs. Roe led a music-hall skit during a theater performance.

In 1937 she, Mrs. Ann Shoemaker and Ted Landrum performed in a playlet called "The Letter" accompanied by Sidney on the piano.  

Post-Colony History:  


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