Museum the New Llano Colony

Florence Aiton 

Birth: She was born in Texas around 1914.  

Description: One newspaper account described her as follows: "Florence is a blond lass whose forehead resembles that of her father."  

Pre-Colony History: In 1920 she was living in Dallas, Texas with her parents and older brother.  

Family Information: Daughter of John Aiton.

Step-daughter of Alice Aiton and step-sister of Mary Halahan and Violet Dix.  

Job in Colony: In 1930 she and Violet were working part-time in the laundry under Lillie Synoground who was the supervisor. Often Violet would assist Lillie with the washing while the ironing was done by the whole crew. 

Home in Colony:  

Other Info: She was often part of the program at the theater in 1929; A senior member of the Glee Club.


Post-Colony History: In June 1933 she graduated from high school in Texas.

She later returned to the colony from Dallas with her German police dog, to stay with her father at his home a short distance north of the colony (on Redtown Road).

She married Aubrey J. Douglas in 1952.  

Death: She died in Texas, 1971.  

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