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Anna Yeldell


Family Information: Wife of Comrade Yeldell.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1928 she was living in Los Angeles, California and a new subscriber to the "Llano Colonist."

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony:  

Other Info: In June 1929 she and her husband visited the Rice Ranch, starting early on a Sunday morning and returning about 9 pm. Mr. and Mrs. Mickey accompanied them.

In October 1929 at the Rice Ranch -- she and Leslie Hopkins working hard, removing many loads of weeds and rubbish from the rice fields and replacing them by a liberal distribution of manure from the cow-stables; the two women alternating in driving the trucks and throwing the loads of fat fertilizer over the land with their shovels and pitchforks. Theodore Cuno reported they were "laughing and singing, these two college women, both of whom are well versed in Latin and several modern languages."

In November 1929 the Rice Ranch house was serving more or less as a hospital There had been five recent cases of sickness, some of them serious. Leslie Hopkins was abed with nervous prostration, too feeble to rise or walk; Anna Yeldell had been down for several days with a severe and painful catarrh of throat and lungs; Violet Dix was suffering from incipient catarrh; her boy had had the chicken pox and therefore stayed from school; and Cuno had been troubled with a persistent attack of bronchitis.  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": April 14, 1928, October 12, 1929, November 2, 1929; "Vernon Parish Democrat": June 6, 1929  


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