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Elma (Wooster) Svenson

Birth: She was born in Oregon around 1891.  

Family Information: Daughter of Rufe and Jeannette Wooster.

Sister of Ernest Wooster.

She married Victor Svenson on April 18, 1920, with her mother giving her away.

She wore a white organdie frock and a wreath of tiny white roses in her hair; four bridesmaids, similarly attired and all carrying shower bouquets of white sweet-briar roses, were Myrtle Kemp, Louise Belohradski, Rosa Matz, and Mildred Kemp; Her new sister-in-law, Pearl, served as matron of honor and had deep red roses in her bouquet which served to accentuate the purity and loveliness of the other emblems of maidenly innocence. A flower wreathed cake was on the center table where was seated the bride and groom surrounded by attendants and family.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1910 she was working as a teacher in the public school while living in Stockton, San Joaquin, California.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: She worked at the colony school and printery. 

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History: She and her husband left the colony in 1920, soon after their wedding, traveling first to Minneapolis, Minnesota where they went to bid bon-voyage to Mr. Svenson;s brother who was leaving for Sweden, then on to an extended wedding journey through cities of the north west and Pacific coast.

In 1931, she and her husband, along with their son, attended a picnic in Fullerton, California for ex-Llanoites.  


Sources: "Vernon Parish Democrat": April 24, 1920; "Llano Colonist": August 1, 1931; US Census: 1910, 1920  


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