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Roberta "Pete" Will 

Birth: She was born in 1912 at California.  

Family Information: Daughter of Frances and John Will.

Sister of Oramil and Lois.  


Pre-Colony History: The family joined the colony during the California years and made the move to Newllano, Louisiana with the body of colonists -- John rode in the auto caravan while Francis and the children rode the specially chartered train.  

Home in Colony: In 1920 she was living in Newllano, Louisiana with her parents and siblings. 

Job in Colony:  

Other Info:

Post-Colony History:

In 1930 she was again living in California with her parents, siblings, plus Oramil's wife (Anna May) and a lodger. That year she graduated from the University of California Los Angeles.

In 1936 she married John E. Lenker in Pima, Arizona and in 1940 they were living in California and she was working as a proof-reader for a newspaper.

Death: She died in 1995 at San Bernardino, California and was buried at Pomfret Manor Cemetery at Pennsylvania with her husband's family.  

Sources: Photo Archives; US Census: 1920, 1930, 1940; University of California Los Angeles: Yearbook; Arizona County Marriage Records; California Death Index;  


Llano children involved in the 1918 play, "Pandora": (Front row L to R) Ross Brown, Mabel Synoground, Lois Will, unknown, Roberta 'Pete' Will, Mary Bellrawski, Ruby Synoground, John Dougherty; (Back row L to R) Irene Brown, Nellie Kemp, Rosa Matz, Elizabeth Brown, Mr. Cryer and his sister Dora Cryer.

Roberta Arlene Will at the University of California Los Angeles, 1930.

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