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Meyer Tuber


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Clipping from the Llano Colonist dated March 19, 1932.
Clipping from the "Llano Colonist" dated March 19, 1932.

Pre-Colony History:  

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Job in Colony: He worked at the commissary with Runa Baldwin. In October 1931 they were doing a "land office business" and it was thought they could have still a larger patronage if they would put in a greater variety of supplies.  

Other Info: In 1931 he said he had a new name for the coffee substitute made from Jack beans within the colony. He wanted "to sell it as "Beano". With the addition of powdered milk and sugar "Beano" certainly [did] make a fine drink, as good, indeed as some other so-called health drinks."

In October 1931 Comrade Atworth presided at the Open Forum where Comrade Morgan spoke on the subject of "Science and Life" intimating that COHESION (sticking-togetherness) is the principle of life both in inorganic and organic life. McDonald, Raicoff, Lentz and Tuber also talked on the subject.

In March 1932 E.G. Webb was unanimously elected president of the Llano Welfare League. Other officers elected were: Vice-president Meyer Tuber; secretary Daisy Brown; Assistant Secretary Walter Frahm; The meeting was attended by more than 100 persons and included members of the colony's Board of Directors as well as GM Pickett. Webb said "Llano Colony is a democratic group and the Welfare League is designed to be an avenue of expression for all who wish to support the management in its desire to promote the progress and happiness of its people and interest or lack of interest in the work of the League will therefore be the measure of one's concern for the welfare of the community. Meyer Tuber also declared his devotion to the purposes of the League and to the colony.

At the next psychological meeting manager Pickett  disclaimed emphatically the idea that the Welfare League was a "brush gang". On the contrary he said, he personally welcomed the organization and wished it all success in carrying out its objectives.  

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