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Bobby Richter


Family Information: Son of Elsie and Adolph Richter.

Brother of Elsie, Sophie, Billie, Bertha, Fred (Bud) and Juanita Richter. The three eldest children were not colonists.  


Pre-Colony History: Arrived on the bus from Chicago with mother Elsie and siblings Bertha and Juanita in November of 1933. Their father arrived with huge furniture van two hours later.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony:  

Other Info: He appeared in several productions at the colony theater. Celebrated his sixth birthday at the colony.  

Post-Colony History: Left the colony in May, 1935 -- he traveled to Chicago with his mother, Elsie, while his father had left several days earlier with Juanita (Bertha and Fred having already departed).  


Sources: Handwritten Memoirs of Elsie Richter; "Llano Colonist": November 4, 1933, May 25, 1935  


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