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Frederick "Fred" A. Parsons

Birth: Born in 1861 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  

Family Information: On the 1930 census he was still listed as married though no wife was present at that time. Perhaps his wife didn't want to join the colony, as there is no mention in the newspapers of her arrival.

In December 1932 his youngest son, LeRoy Parsons, came to live in the colony and he introduced him with fatherly pride.

Sometime before 1940 he married Violet Dix and became the step-father of Jimmy Dix.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1870 he was living in Massachusetts with his parents and sister; in 1880 still in Massachusetts, but with only his mother and sister while he was apprenticed to a carpenter.

In 1900 he was living in California with his first wife, Carrie, and four sons while working as a carpenter. In 1910 he was still in California with Carrie and their two youngest sons.

In 1920 he was living in Lake Helen, Florida with his wife, Edith, a physician. He arrived at the colony in February 1930. He was described as an "all-around wood worker from Florida" and it was mentioned that his wife would join him in the spring.  

Home in Colony: The 1930 US Census lists him as a lodger in the Edward Hardy home.

In 1935 he was using a hoe to chop down weeds in his back yard.  

Job in Colony: The 1930 US Census lists him as a carpenter in the colony. In October 1930 he was part of the crew at the planing mill that included Cleve Campbell, Kittle, Szpila, Rand, Rickey, Thomas and Parsons.

In January 1931 he was doing cabinet work along with Briggs, Kittle and Thomas.

In January 1932 he made a cabinet chiffonier for a lady in Leesville that was expected to be a beauty. Later that year he and C.S. Thomas were busy on cabinet work at the planing mill. In December, he "and his boy (35 years old) [were] making window sash. Parsons [had] had years of experience along this line and he was hard to beat."  He was always glad to help pick the wood which "went best with a customer's complexion," be it for a cradle or a coffin.

In 1933 the personnel of the Woodworking Department was as follows: Cleve Campbell, millwright; Bert Moore, commercial dealer; Fred Parsons, shop foreman; Charles Butts, talleyman and grader; Charles Brown, lumber woods and yard foreman.

In 1934 he was making a medicine chest for George Campbell and had just completed a fine clothes chest for the Frank and John Klahr.

In 1935 he was manager of the cabinet shop. As such, he traveled to the Rice Ranch, along with Eugene Carl and Orville Mastin so that he could check up on the materials needed to finish the large Rice Ranch house.

In late 1937 he was still operating part-time in the cabinet shop.  

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History: In 1940 he was living in Vernon Parish, Louisiana with his wife, Violet, his 49 year old son, Robert, and his step-son, Jimmy Dix. He is listed as a carpenter doing construction work. 

Death: He died in 1962 in California.  

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Photo: 1936 -- LeRoy Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Parsons, and Jimmy.


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