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Frank P. McMahon


Family Information:  

Description: His obituary in the "Llano Colonist" stated that "many of the old-timers will remember his good feeling, his care-free ways, and his unlimited fund of good humor."  

Pre-Colony History: He'd been "one of the original colonists who trekked all the way across the sand desert with the original cow, two mules, some chickens, and a half-dozen of the colonsits."

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: Served as the first vice-president of the colony; re-elected in November 1915 to the same position.  

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History: He "tired of the game when the advocates of "pure democracy" nearly wrecked the Colony several times, and, after the colony left for Louisiana, Frank stayed in Los Angeles, where he was well-known in labor circles, having been for years officer in the Central Labor Council."  

Death: He died in May 1922 at Mexico.  

Sources: "Llano Colonist": June 3, 1922, January 14, 1933 (The Story of Llano)  


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