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Mrs. Hulda Mahler

Birth: She was born in 1896 at Kings, New York.  

Family Information: Wife of Ludwig "Louis" Mahler.

Mother of Hulda, Wayne, Carl, Martha, Esther and Joe Ann Mahler.  


Pre-Colony History: In April 1932 the family came to the colony from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  

Home in Colony: In May 1932 the family were living in a house recently vacated by the Kilroy family.

In April 1934 she and her three daughters went to the Gila unit to join her husband and two sons.  

Job in Colony: In April 1932 she was helping Katherine Neill, Winnie Dougherty, and Robert Crider serve breakfast at the hotel dining room. Later that month, Leo Roscoe replaced Robert Crider.

In January 1934 Chester Page and Mrs. Matz were preparing dinner with the help of Mrs. Mahler and Mrs. Watson.

In 1934 she was preparing vegetables and serving food at the hotel dining room, along with her daughter, Hulda, Miss Linderman, Mrs. Murray, Arlene Watson, May Gossett, Mary Harlow-Fay, Doris Layer and Erma Hayes. In May 1934 she and Esther took over the dinner shift at the Gila, New Mexico unit. In June 1934 she was working in the gardens at Gila, New Mexico.

In January 1935 she was washing the creamery dishes and cleaning the assembly room, kitchen and dining room.

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History: In March 1936 the Mahler family were the only colonists left at the one-time Gila unit, the people having scattered to the 4 winds as best they could. Mr. Mahler has so far succeeded in finding enough employment to keep them in the same location.

In 1940 she and "Louis" were living in New Mexico with their five youngest children.  

Death: She died in 1966 and was buried at Silver City, New Mexico.  

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