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Ella Lewis

Birth: She was born in 1879 at Utah.  

Family Information: She had married H. Claude Lewis in 1901 at Salt Lake City, Utah.

Father of Mildred, Jasmine, Marjory, Belden and Afton Lewis.  

Description: In April 1933 it was reported that "Mrs. Lewis... wins all hearts with the grace and ease with which she handles a difficult problem."  

Pre-Colony History: In 1910 she was living in Maryland with her husband and children, along with his mother, Eppie and sister Elizabeth "Lou" Lewis.

In 1920 the couple were living in Utah with their children and he worked as Superintendent of Iron County schools.

In 1930 she, Belden and Afton were living in Utah with her daughter (Mildred) and son-in-law and their two children.

In December 1932 she arrived in the colony along with two daughters -- Marjory and Jasmine -- and her sister-in-law, Miss Lou Lewis in a Studebaker sedan driven by Gordon Pickett. The car had been donated to the colony by George Bancroft of Portland, Oregon and young Gordon was sent to pick up the car and on the return trip to collect the Lewis family from Salt Lake City.  

Home in Colony: On her arrival in December 1932 it was noted that she'd start her work at the Kid Kolony building as soon as she was rested and settled in her new home -- the house previuosly occupied by George Pickett. The old place was vacant for only about an hour before the Lewis' were seen carrying in their household goods. 

Job in Colony: In 1932 she was the "Major-Domo of the Kid Kolony housekeeping and cafeteria", with assistance from her daughter Marjorie and Elsa Gaylord.

In 1935 she was still in the Kid Kolony kitchen -- with the assistance of her husband, along with Sally and Pearl, she prepared the meals each day for the babies and workers at the Kid Kolony -- Sally and Pearl were, of course, the two cows supplying milk and Professor Lewis was the man who made it all possible.  

Other Info: In August 1933 she was invited to the 35th wedding anniversary celebration of Dr. Robert K. and Cecil Williams.

In April 1934 she taken a vacation for several months (possibly to visit family or friends in Salt Lake City?) and arrived at the Gila location to wait until someone made a trip back to the home colony where her husband and daughter, Afton, awaited her return. Lloyd Potter, with a shiny new Pontiac roadster soon made a trip to take several colony women to Gila to join other family members who were already there and Mrs. Lewis returned with him.

In May 1934 she, her husband and daughter, Afton, attended a party at the home of Frank Brough where Afton gave a Spanish dance which helped very much in the entertainment.

Post-Colony History: In 1940 she and Claude were living in Texas where he was working as a proof reader in a printing shop.  

Death: She died in 1973 in Utah and was buried at Cedar City, Utah.  

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