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Edgar O. Joynes

Birth: He was born around 1885 in England.  

Family Information: Married to Sarah Joynes.

Father of Ernest, Robert Dell and Ashton Joynes.  


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony: In 1935 he, his wife and sons were living inside the Newllano Colony.  

Job in Colony: Wrote for the colony diary (1934). In February 1936 he, along with Eugene Carl and Harold Emery, took the civil service examination for postmaster at Leesville, LA. Later that year he was the acting postmaster for the colony.  

Other Info: In October 1935 he was nominated to be on the Board of Directors, along with (in order of nomination), Robert K. Williams, E.D. Carl, Lester Caves, Crockett Campbell, John Szpila, Harold Emery, Charles Lawrence, Chester Peecher, E.O. Joynes, Chester Page, Horace Cronk, George Hullinger, Walter Robison, "Chauncey" DuProz, Mrs. Olive Lentz, Mrs. Mabel Busick, Lionel Crossland, Charles Derleth, J.H. "Dad" Ribbing and Cy Horney. The meeting also adopted a rule permitting all resident members who had been at the colony more than sixty days to vote in the election, provided too few proxies were received to hold a regular stock holders' meeting.

Less than one fourth the required stock was represented at the Stockholders' meeting, so the colonists proceeded with the election of a new board of directors as planned. Those selected were: Robert K. Williams, E.C. Carl, Lester Caves, Crockett Campbell, Harold Emery, Chester Peecher, E.O. Joynes, Charles Lawrence, and Chester Page. Runners up were Mrs. Mabel Busick, Horace Cronk and John Szpila.

In 1936, Doc Williams and Mr. Joynes traveled 15 miles below DeRidder, where they inspected the Hauser model farm and seed nursery and came back much enthused over lespedeza as a stock fodder suitable to this locality.

In 1937 he met with several interested colonists to discuss garden needs that were soon going to need to be met. Also in attendance were Otto Hoefel, Israel Ginsberg, Ted Landrum, Forrest Waters, Ed Mansfield, Boyd Bartlett, and Mr. Hayman of Leesville.  

Post-Colony History: In 1940 he and his wife, with their three sons, were living in a home in the unincorporated New Llano, Louisiana (site of the old colony) while he worked as the post master at a Third Class U.S. Post Office.

He was quoted in April 15, 1949 interview as saying, "It's God's blessing that it's gone," in reference to the colony.  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": April 14, 1934, October 12, 1935, February 29, 1936, February 13, 1937; US Census: 1940; Martha Palmer Notes  


Edgar O. Joynes tombstone at O'Banion Cemetery in New Llano, Louisiana.

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