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Evangeline "Eveline" (Jaufroid) Miller

Birth: She was born in 1884 at New Orleans, Louisiana.  

Family Information: Daughter of Charles and Theodora Jaufroid.

Sister of Dora (Jaufroid) Adams, Charles Jaufroid and adopted sister of Louise Jaufroid.

She married Garfield Miller in February 1932 at the home of Rev. J.B. Tinnin of Leesville, Louisiana.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1900 she was living in Louisiana with her parents and siblings.

In 1920 she was living in Covington, Louisiana with her parents and siblings and working as an agent for "Buckley Ban". In 1930 she was still living in Covington with her mother and siblings.

She and her sister, Evelyn, visited the colony from Covington, Louisiana in March 1931. They were interested mostly in agriculture, especially from a floral and garden aspect.

She and her family came to the colony in August 1931. They were brought in by Miss S.J. Reader, a teacher of the Sophie Wright High School of New Orleans. Miss Reeder was a staunch believer in the Llano movement and as a kind friend of the Jaufroids and Mrs. Adams made possible their trip to Llano and generously used her new car and paid all expenses as her donation to the good work.  

Home in Colony: In October 1931 Charles was building sleeping porches on the house occupied by the family, located north of the Banta residence.

Also in October 1931 Larson and Shorty Barrett were working to finish the roof on the Jaufroid house which had been "gaping to the sky" for several days. The rush was occasioned on account of the rainy appearance of the sky.

In March 1932 Bennie Wade Hewett and Ralph Plumb were making a stove at the machine and blacksmith shop to help furnish the little "Bide-A-Wee" cottage located on the edge of the Kid Kolony garden for Mr. and Mrs. Garfield Miller. This would provide plenty of room for Mrs. Miller's well-known penchant for flowers. 

Job in Colony: In May 1932 she and Mrs. Walter Fread were issuing buns, jam and peanut butter for the evening lunches.  

Other Info: She was a capable musician and often furnished music on the piano for various theater programs. She often assisted very materially in theatrical work.

In October 1931 Mrs. Raicoff and Mrs. Killian sang the Llano carole accompanied by Mrs. Jangfroid [sic] on the piano and were applauded so that they had to repeat it.

In November 1931 Dick Condon and Doc Williams sang a duett, accompanied on the piano by Miss Jaufroid.

In November 1931 Mrs. Adams was taking vegetables and wholesome things to eat to the patients at the hospital. Her sister, Miss Eveline Jaufroid, also had made plans to raise useful vegetables on a small scale in her home garden; by useful they meant things for the table that would not be available in sufficient quantities; that year they were lacking spinach, cabbage, carrots, parsley, beets, asparagus, artichokes, tomatoes, turnips, etc.

In January 1932 teacher, Judson Rude, sang a couple of numbers -- the words his own creation -- to which he accompanied himself on guitar. He next offered a number on the "Humbug" accompanied by Miss Evangeline Jaufroid.

In September 1932 she and her husband departed for the Terrebonne unit along with other family members including Louise Jaufroid and Mrs. Dora Adams. A farewell party was held at the home of T.F. Brough. Also attending were Ed Blank, Wm. Bingham, John Aiton, George Taylor, Harry Irwin, Joe Krug, Mrs. Neal, T.F. Brough and his children Billy and Margaret.

Warren Fread delivered the four, along with Sam Hall and a load of household effects, equipment and seed to the lower unit. They left the colony very early in the morning, so left their "au revoir" on the blackboard of the hotel porch.  

Post-Colony History: In 1940 she was listed as "widowed" and living in Covington, Louisiana with her mother and daughter -- Louise Miller -- who had, during the family's time in the colony, been reported to be her adopted sister.  

Death: She died in 1953 at Louisiana.  

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