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Edith (Riggs) Irwin

Birth: Born in Rhode Island about 1884.  

Family Information: Wife of Samuel Irwin.

Mother of Warren, Barbara, Lois and Jeane Irwin.



Pre-Colony History: Came to the colony in 1930 with her husband and four children.  

Home in Colony: The Irwin family had one of the few new homes that was built within the colony. It had been completed during the winter of 1930 and was a large two and a half story structure which had many comfortable porches and sun rooms with the park in the background. In 1931 a similar house was being built for them at the site of the planned Christian Commonwealth Community and when the second one was completed, the Septer Baldwin family moved into this original home.

The family's second home featured a lawn planted with various shrubs and flowers. The two-story house stood near the highway and had a front fence with brick pillars that looked as though no smart old bell-cow could get through. It had been built by colony carpenters and was modern, including conveniences like a tub and shower, hot and cold running water and of course, electric lights.

Other buildings stood nearby, including another house (housing eight people in 1932 with room for more), a cabin back in the woods, a barn and garage where cows, mules and pigs were kept, as well as an enclosure for chickens.

Also in 1932, across the road from the main house, was being built a home for teachers and orphans in anticipation of a school which Dr. Irwin planned to open the following year. This one had the appearance of a log house, the sides being of split logs and with a beautiful fireplace.  

Job in Colony: Teacher at the colony school.  

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: US Census: 1920; "Llano Colonist": November 1, 1930, December 27, 1930, August 1, 1931, October 15, 1932  

Left: Dr. Irwin's home inside the Llano colony, later the Septer Baldwin house.

Right: Photo taken in 2010 of the dormitory which was built at the Christian Commonwealth Community. The building was located on the west side of Hwy. 171 near present day Fort Polk Entrance Road.


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