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Ivy Hoag

Birth: She was born around 1870 in Oregon.  

Family Information: Her mother was Mother Fausell.

She married Warren J. Hoag in 1907 and learned the ideals of co-operation from him.

Description: Mrs. Hoag was a co-operator of many years standing, bringing to the task the stout heart of the early Oregon frontier strengthened by years of experience at sea. (Her first husband was Captain Moore who commanded ships plying the lumber trade to Australia and New Zealand. She accompanied him on many of his voyages.)  

Pre-Colony History: In 1912 she and Warren had joined the Glenwood colony in Oaxaca, Mexico, but only two years later that colony was looted by bandits and they barely escaped with their lives. The Hoag's then made their way to Galveston, Texas where they operated a clothing business until they came to Newllano in 1923.  

Home in Colony: Lived at the Hoag Ranch (old poultry ranch) which was approx. 2 miles southwest from colony. It spread over a terraced hill rising briskly from the roadside. Surmounting the hill and overlooking the roadway stood two solidly built bungalows, one a six-room structure, the other a four-room. Both were backed by a grove of lovely second-growth pine, and over them hung three great black-oaks with mistletoe among the boughs.

To the west and northwest were two large poultry houses, sheltering more than 500 fowls. To the northeast and down the hill was found the barn, housing two cows, some young stock and the unit's only horse. In the same direction, at the foot of the hill there was a fine spring, yielding an exhaustless supply of pure, fresh water.

The rest of the unit was given over entirely to the growing of truck crops and berries.  

Job in Colony:

She cared for the home and workers at the Hoag ranch. Even after husband Warren's death in 1931 she continued to manage the "Hoag unit".

Other Info: In May 1933 she celebrated Marvin Sanford's birthday, along with DeForest and Smith Sanford, Anita Brannon, Florence Anderson, Cy Horney, Mr. and Mrs. DuProz, and Bernie and Leona Stevens.  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": October 29, 1927; December 31, 1932, May 6, 1933; "Vernon Parish Democrat": March 7, 1929; US Census: 1930  


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