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Josephine (Glavincheff) Nash

Birth: She was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1909.  

Family Information: Daughter of Peter and Marie Glavincheff.

Married James Nash in 1933 while living in the colony.


Pre-Colony History: Josephine graduated from Mount Morris College, Mount Morris, Illinois where her father was on the faculty; she also did some graduate work at the University of Wisconsin.

In October 1932, after graduating with a degree in French, Josephine's parents came with her to visit the colony to make sure it was safe enough for their daughter. They allowed her to stay and later returned to become members themselves.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: English teacher -- in October 1932 she had completed half the work required for her doctor's degree and would teach 8th and 9th grade English at the colony school. Other instructors that year were: Harry Clay Weatherwax, Dwight Ayres, Miss Elsa Gaylord, Mr. Danner and W.R. Gaylord.  

Other Info: She sometimes played piano for colony theater productions.

Post-Colony History: The entire Glavincheff / Nash family left the colony in June 1935 to make their home in Chicago, but she and her husband, James returned to the area in 1947 when they brought their two daughters to live outside DeRidder, LA near her husband's family where he expected to raise stock while she taught English at DeRidder High School.  

Death: She died in 2000 and was buried in Lightsville Cemetery at Leaf River, Illinois.  

Sources: Family members; "Llano Colonist": October 1, 1932, Oct. 8, 1932, Oct. 15, 1932, Nov 19, 1932, Apr 20, 1935, Jun 22, 1935; "Freeport Journal-Standard" (Freeport, Illinois): October 22, 1947;  


Clipping from the Llano Colonist dated April 8, 1933.
Clipping from the "Llano Colonist" dated April 8, 1933.

Sketch of Josephine Glavincheff by Florence Anderson.
Sketch of Josephine Glavincheff by Florence Anderson.

Josephine Glavincheff Nash and James Earl Nash around 1940.
Josephine Glavincheff Nash and James Earl Nash around 1940.

Peter Glavincheff's 90th birthday
Photo taken on Peter Glavincheff's 90th birthday -- Rear L to R: Audrey Nash Davey, Josephine Glavincheff Nash, Peter Glavincheff, 2nd wife Stoyanka Glavincheff, Jean Nash Luett; Front Row: Josephine's grandchildren -- Tricia Davey Nelson, Rachel Davey, James Vincent Bobitt, Jennifer Lynn Bobitt Vital

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