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Olive Gaylord


Family Information: Married to W.R. "Win" Gaylord.

Mother of Oliver and Elsa Helen Gaylord.  


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: She worked in the laundry.

In December 1932 the laundry machine was broken so the laundry crew worked in other places. Mrs. Gaylord was seen behind the serving counter, handing out big squares of cornbread at noon.

In April 1933 Mrs. Gaylord reported one of the biggest washes for weeks had just been completed.

In October 1933 she was still working in the laundry -- ironing and finishing the week's wash.  

Other Info: In November 1932 the entire Gaylord family participated in an "unsnarling" jamboree where colonists volunteered to wash and pull all the snarls from several sacks of wool that had come up from the Rice Ranch, which could then be carded and spun into yarn before being made into socks and sweaters for the colonists.

A report in the "Llano Colonist" read, "Over at the store window you will see the big blue bird on the NRA (National Recovery Administration) poster. No business until eight o'clock. But that [sign] doesn't appear in the laundry window. No competition there. Johnny Dougherty, Mrs. Dupros, Mrs. Gaylord, Mrs. Ribbing and the girls -- when they are there -- just stick to the job until it is done."  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": November 12, 1932, December 24, 1932, April 22, 1933, May 6, 1933, July 1, 1933, August 19, 1933, August 26, 1933, October 7, 1933  


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