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Trixie Ewell

Birth: She was born around 1897 at Missouri.

Family Information: Daughter of Betty (Ewell) Rhodes. Step-daughter of J.C. Rhodes.

Sister of Will and Louise Ewell.  


Pre-Colony History: She came to the in November 1920 from Los Angeles.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: Shortly after her arrival she began working in the office. She also expected to teach music to the children and play piano in the orchestra.  

Other Info: In December 1920 she played the piano at the theater, along with Fred Hemman on violin and clarinet; Roede on second fiddle; and G.T. Pickett on the drums -- "all making a combination which [wa]s hard to beat".

In July 1922 she and Trixie left the colony to spend several weeks with her sister in Nevada, Mo. They expected to return in the autumn.

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: US Census: 1910, 1920, 1930; "Vernon Parish Democrat": November 4, 1920, December 23, 1920; "Llano Colonist": July 8, 1922  


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