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Charles Dixon


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Job in Colony: In November 1927 the colony was selling their crates as fast as they could get them out. Shoemaker, Oberlitner, Tefteller, Aaby, Dixon and Maxwell were getting out materials for ends and putting them together while Shutt and Gerber were sawing logs into blocks for veneer.

In December 1927 C.W. Maxwell and Dixon were making crate ends and finishing up that job for the season.

In December 1927 Oberlitner and Gerber were sawing box and crate materials while Roede, Mardfin, Dixon and Maxwell were nailing up the last of the crate ends and putting them into bundles.

In January 1928 he took up a side line job at the print shop. He was helping Comrade Rogers to handle the detail work that usually kept Guy tied up for several hours a day and off the regular printing job.

In April 1928 he was helping Mrs. Swenson get breakfast at the hotel while Mrs. Davidson, Allie Belle Hewitt and Mrs. Kemp prepared the noon meal. Mrs. Fread, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Shutt got the evening meal.

In November 1928 the syrup-making crew included: Mardfin, Hough, Bingham, Silberman and Rahn who were topping the cane (cutting the seed off for chicken feed); Comrade Gregson who was feeding the cane crusher; Dixon who was placing the cane upon the feeding table; Ward Shoemaker who was carrying the toppers over to Dixon's platform; and Joe Turner who was doing the evaporating.  

Other Info: In November 1927 he finished the program in his splendid schooled voice with some delightful vocal solos.

In December 1927 the Program of Llano Orchestra Concert held on Sunday, December 27th at 7:30 pm included a tenor solo by Charles Dixon of "Then You'll Remember Me" by W. Balfe.

At a theater program in May 1928 Kenneth Thurman sang a song accompanied by Dixon on the piano. Comrade Bergold lectured on "The Basis of Plant Life." Two songs by Dixon in Irish dialect closed a most enjoyable evening's entertainment.

In June 1928 one of the entertainments at the theater included music by the orchestra; two sailor songs by Dixon with orchestra accompaniment; a song by Kenneth Thurman, followed by a trumpet and piano duett by Raymond de Fausell and Max Beavers; and in conclusion Comrade Louis Bergold delivered an eloquent and laudatory address upon the methods and achievements of Luther Burbank, with whom he had worked for a number of years.

In November 1928 Dixon and Fischer supplied an instrumental duet on the piano and harmonics at one of the theater programs.

In January 1929, as an eight-year-old comedian, Volney Rogers was in one of the productions at the theater where he sang "Pat Casey's Automobile" written for him by Dixon, who followed as an Irish woman with a very pronounced dialect, singing the two songs, "Just Landed" and "The Christening."

In February 1929 he presented his own one-act comedy, "Soapy," at the colony theater. The cast included: Soapy - Ch. Black; J. Jink - Joe Turner, Silvers - Mr. Doherty, News-boy - Volney Rogers, Mrs. Doon - Mrs. Hewitt, Donnie Doon - Miss Jennie Black, and Laura Doon - Miss Lynne Rogers. It was a fine play and Mrs. Hewitt showed her masterful skill in handing it to J.Jinks with the broom-stick. Dixon showed his proficiency as stage manager in fine shape.  

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