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Pauline Cuno

Birth: She was born in 1860.

Family Information: Married to Theodore Cuno.

Mother of Paulina (Cuno) Hemman and Rosebud Cuno.

Other children who never lived in the colony include: daughters Staelf and Sunbeam who lived at home in 1892; son Roelants in 1910 worked as a newspaper journalist in NYC; daughter Violet in 1914 worked as a school teacher in NYC; son George H. in 1910 worked as a clerk in the spool silk industry in NYC; and son John living at home in 1910.  


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: She worked at the library along with her husband.  

Other Info: She was one of the members of the colony when George Pickett first named General Manager.  

Post-Colony History:  

Death: She died in December 1925 and was buried in the colony cemetery.  

Sources: "Vernon Parish Democrat": March 24, 1921; "Llano Colonist": April 8, 1933 (Reprinted from the Colonist May 17, 1924)  


Pauline Cuno tombstone at O'Banion Cemetery in New Llano, Louisiana.

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