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George Campbell

Birth: He was born around 1903 in Nebraska.  

Family Information: Married Flora Young while living in the colony.

Father of a daughter born in the colony on July 22, 1935 - "a lucky day according to numerology."  


Pre-Colony History: In 1910 he was living with his parents in Forest, Missouri.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In January 1933 he, Warren Fread, Blair Thomas and Gordon Pickett were "wrecking some of the old wrecks that have been wrecking the looks of the place for so long." They were putting up bins in the old shed back of the machine shop to hold the parts that could be salvaged from the wrecked cars. He was reported to be an "indispensible radiator man."

Later in 1933 he was working in the tin shop where he and Willhart Maki were making a sink for the candy shop.

In April he must've been working at the Rice Ranch, because he returned for a quick trip to the colony, reporting 850 acres of plowing for rice had already been done and seeding was begun.

In 1935 he was hoeing in the gardens. 

Other Info: In January 1933 it was noted that he was a "drummer of note" and was about to beat George Pickett out of his old-time job in the orchestra.

In February 1933 he was the coach for the junior baseball team.

In March 1933 he did a bit at the theater called "In Commemoration of the North American Indian." He staged the Indian scene, dressed as an Indian, with a campfire and necessary back ground (contrived by the Youngs).

Post-Colony History: He left the colony with a canvas-covered load of furniture in January 1936, going to California with his wife and her brother, Howard Young, and his family.

In 1938 on Howard Young's application for US Citizenship, George is listed as one of the witnesses and his employment at that time was as a surgical nurse.

The 1940 US Census shows him living in Inglewood, California with his wife and four children while doing maintenance for a construction company.  


Sources: Family Source; "Llano Colonist": January 28, 1933, February 18, 1933, March 18, 1933, April 29, 1933, November 4, 1933, August 3, 1935; January 4, 1936; US Census: 1910, 1940; US Naturalization Records 1840-1957: Howard Young  


Ivy Young / Ed Loupe Wedding Photo
Standing (L to R) Howard Young, Flora Young, George Campbell (soon to marry Flora), George Pickett, Ivy Young (bride), Alice Pickett, Ed Loupe (groom), Unknown, Dr. R.K. Williams, Dr. Cecil Williams; Sitting (L to R) Unknown, Sidney Young, Lily Young, Unknown (possibly Carl Gleeser).

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